Advantages of our Bridge Loans

  • Short terms less than one year (with two 6-month extensions) available to give borrowers greater optionality
  • No fixed costs of securitization, savings passed on to borrower in form of lower rates and deal costs
  • Earnouts and other types of future funding available
  • Prepayable subject to minimum interest
  • Closing cost discount for longer term refinances executed with Lender
  • Lender is your asset manager for life of the loan
  • Lender, not securitization structure, controls prepayment hence unique ability to have discussions on altered property situations
  • Lower deposits and closing expenses
Bridge Building



Loan Purpose

Acquisitions, refinances, cash-in recapitalizations, transitional, value add, event-driven

Property Status

Transitional, event-driven

Additional Structuring

Earnouts, event-driven rate burn downs, future funding

Loan Amount

$5-$30 million, larger portfolio loans case by case


1-3 Years, 2 x 1 yr extentions.
Ultra Short: Less than 1Yr, 2 x 6 month extentions. 


Up to 80% LTC (stretch loans on a case-by-case basis)

Debt Yield

Min: 4% (exceptions on a case-by-case basis)


0.50% origination fee / no exit fees / 0.25% extension fee

Fixed Rate Refinance

Credit of up to $10,000 on refinance executed with Lender


Interest only


Minimum interest equal to initial term less 3 months


Non recourse, with standard carveout provisions

Property types

Multifamily, industrial, self-storage, office, student housing, essential retail