Fixed Rate Loans

Advantages of our Fixed Rate Loans

  • Not dependent on capital markets sale and execution, stronger ability to hold rate
  • Lowest rates have strongest prepayment structure, alternative prepayment scenarios are available
  • Aggressive pricing on lower leverage given pricing not loan pool dependent
  • Lender is your asset manager for life of the loan
  • Lender, not securitization structure, controls prepayment hence unique ability to have discussions on altered property situations
  • Lower deposits and closing expenses
Fixed Rate Loans Building


Fixed Rate

Loan Purpose

Acquisitions, refinances, cash-in recapitalizations, light stabilization

Property Status

Stabilized or stabilizing with light transition

Loan Amount

$5-$30 million, larger portfolio loans case by case


5, 7, 10 Years


Up to 80% LTV

Debt Yield

Min: Multifamily 6.5%, Commercial 7.5%


Yield maintenance (Declining prepay upon request)


Up to 30 years

Interest Only

Partial or full-term interest only available


Non recourse, with standard carveout provisions

Property types

Multifamily, industrial, self-storage, office, student housing, essential retail